- 'I suspect that bitcoins are going to take off, and with all these other cryptocurrencies coming on board I think it's going to become a huge part of retail, ...

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- A Bitcoin-based phishing campaign has targeted over 400 organizations with the intention of stealing cryptocurrency wallet passwords.

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- Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange | PHCOIN/US DOLLAR Trade Market.

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- The UpTake: Earlier this year the IRS declared that bitcoin was a property, not a currency, introducing prohibitively complex tax requirements to the ...

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- A minor trend we've noticed this summer has been companies trying to one-up services such as Local Bitcoins to make it easier to find other ...

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- Anthony Di lorio, a Bitcoin evangelist, stands beside a BTM that sells his own personal Bitcoins at his downtown Toronto business centre. Di lorio says ...

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- The cryptocurrency mining industry is a strange place. Here, we live by the “guilty until proven innocent” maxim. Anything and everything about a ...

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- Coinbase | Safe Asset Index | BTC China | Bitcoin Venezuela | TheOpenMinute with Sound Wallet | EBay adopting Bitcoin Btc donations will be used ...

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- Bitcoin Gambling, a niche part of the online gambling industry that many professionals have yet to learn about, especially affiliates.

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- Investing.com - Bitcoin firmed above the key $500-level on Thursday, as prices of the virtual currency continued to recover from sharp losses suffered ...

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